Ramón García was born as a family company and during its development the company has always maintained that the philosophy is an important part for the company. The closeness and cooperation between the employees is very significant for Ramón García. They create a corporate culture that leads to an improvement in productivity and provide a strong competitive edge.

The current template is divided into sections with a clear organizational structure that takes care of the needs for an organization with a capacity of adaptation to the type of work and the various clients.

In 2011, the second half raised the company into its new policies in line with capacity expansion, marketing and communication (taking advantage of the dynamism and authority ICT), strong international expansion, the strong performance of the R & D (new materials, new processes, application of new technologies).

Key points that make up the new strategy:
  • - Continuous improvement
  • - Education
  • - Qualifications and opportunities (creation of new departments)
  • - Expansion of production capacity (currently two shifts, with capacity for three shifts (24 h production)
  • - New acquisition of machinery and the latest technology
  • - New financial strategies
  • - Creativity / Innovation
  • - Marketing
  • - International expansion
  • - Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • - CEO
  • - Quality Department
  • - Marketing (domestic & international)
  • - Internationalization Department
  • - Sales
  • - Administration / HR department
  • - Purchase
  • - Technical Department
  • - R & D
  • - Planning
  • - Production
Pol Industrial Merelle,
Parcelas 86/87/88
15680 Ordes (A Coruña) Spain
tfn (+34) 881 255 653