The technical department at Ramón García both design and control projects in the following operation categories: contract, carpentry, custom design and HI-MACS®. It's coordinated by the company or other corporate offices consisting of technical specialists. Regarding to customer projects, the technical department revise the project and adjust the design as needed.


oficina tecnica

Most manufacturing processes are based on the use of the CAD / CAM. This workflow is initiated in the commercial and technical office and continues with the direction to implement the project, coordinated by our technical department.

Ramón García has the tools and software required for modeling and design, incorporated into the manufacturing process and gives the company a competitive advantage, Autocad, Solid Edge, Rapidform, 3D scanner Minolta Vi-9i.

As an alternative to traditional solutions for measurement or manufacture of special parts Ramón García has 3D scanning technique which allows the realization and subsequent analysis of the major components and traditional approaches that could be very expensive. This technique is applicable to furniture restoration, even in architecture and interior design. This is used to verify the accuracy of the object in the system.

The commercial engineering department consists of seven members, who work under a wide range of projects and carries out its work in collaboration with project management.

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