When it comes to custom design Ramon Garcia has competitive advantages and significant experience in creating unique and elegant design, with its technology and expertise in both traditional and modern materials.

Design is a creative process that begins with the initial of the concept development, evolving, that culminates in a perfect result of furniture design.

productos personalizados productos personalizados productos personalizados productos personalizados

Within design, Ramon Garcia cooperates with external designers, both national and international ones.

The company has a competitive advantage because they have many years of experience working in different materials and with different techniques.

Ramon Garcia specializes in translating designers concepts into beautiful furniture; something the company has been helping architects, interior designers and specifiers with since 1975.

The realization of customized products does now always respond to new design or needs at the moment. Sometimes the product or the work needs and entirely new work and sometimes a reconstruction of an original furniture piece. In these cases, the technical and the timing are essential.

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