When Ramon Garcia Francos founded the first part of the group in 1975 the manufacture and installation of furniture for commercial space was already a key activity for new business. This type of specialized joinery which will later be called contract has been a big part for economic activity for Ramon Garcia. Among Ramon Garcia’s first project in contract have been ZARA stores. The brand ZARA globalized, so did Ramon Garcia and the company grow as a company to solve the needs of its customers.



Contract furniture is any furniture that gets used for commercial purposes. In other words, this furniture is not meant for residential use. Contract furniture may be used for e.g.: public areas, hotels, stores, cafés, etc.

Contract furniture is intended for heavier commercial use, it needs to be durable and that is something Ramon Garcia works hard for; manufacturing furniture with high quality for a long longevity.

Today, the contract is Ramon Garcias largest turnovers in the Group.


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