Since our inception, the workshop has been the central part of the company’s services. Many works have been carried out for both private and public clients, each with its special design, type of furniture, wood finishes and colors.
At the joinery, with more than 8.000 m2, we realize both internal and external works: doors, gates, stairs, railings, roofs, fronts, kitchen, etc. All these works have an integrated common project line: design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation.


carpinteria de obra

Our company’s ability to work in a variety of materials, with experience of contract and with major international brands, leads far beyond the traditional concept of carpentry work.

HI-MACS® is a quite new business for Ramon Garcia and materials such as HI-MACS® offer new opportunities for architects, designers and private market. HI-MACS® has been developed by LG Hausys® using advanced polymer resin technology. The acrylic resins act as a reinforcing agent, adding extra strength while creating a non-porous surface that can be repaired if scratched or chipped. Ramon Garcia collaborates with external designers for the manufacturing of HI-MACS®.

To include kitchen specialization work, using exclusive solutions and in very different styles: modern, classic, rustic, etc. We install kitchens that are distinguished by their functionality, architectural facilities, personal and responsive to customer needs.


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